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  First of all thank you for using Guangxian CNC equipment. In order to make the product provide you with better service, please carefully read the operating instructions of our company's products and other random materials before use.

   Our company adheres to the business philosophy of "service first, quality first" and dedicated to provide customers with high-quality after-sales service.

   promises as follows:

   1. Our company strictly follows national standards, industry norms and contract requirements to track, monitor and inspect products to ensure product quality.

   2. Free repairs and replacements for equipment or its spare parts that are defective in the quality of the product during the warranty period.

   3. Our company's products strictly follow industry standards to serve customers. Within one year from the date of equipment acceptance (warranty period), free on-site maintenance services will be provided. After the warranty expires, or the product or parts are damaged due to external accidents or improper use by the customer, our company still provides high-quality after-sales service, and the customer only needs to pay the cost.

  4. All the equipment and supporting facilities sold by our company have established files, and at the same time, we assign engineers to the customer's workshop to assist the customer in the installation and commissioning of the equipment, and provide technical training to the operators.

   5. Our company has all year round equipment accessories with high quality and complete varieties, providing you with one-stop service from sales to commissioning, maintenance to repair. Maximizing your interests is the highest criterion of our service.

   We are convinced that we can accompany your flourishing development with the highest quality professional services and careful care.

  Service Hotline: 18653128038




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