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        Адрес: Ji'nan Цзинань Huaiyin Районный индустриальный парк № 18
        телефон: 0086-531-85980728
        факс: 0086-531-85986889
        URL: www.jngx.com.cn
        Электронная почта для внутренних продаж: zgjngx@163.com
        Горячая линия по продажам: 0086-531-85980728
        0086-13305317659 (Chen Zong)
        Горячая линия обслуживания: 0086-531-85986865
        0086-18653128038 (Minister Sun)
        0086-18653129073 (Chen Gong)
        Горячая линия международного отдела: 0086-531-85980870
        Почтовый ящик внешней торговли: evershiningcnc@jngx.com.cn
        Обязательство по обслуживанию

        Always put your customers' needs first

        After-sales service undertaking

        First of all, thank you for using light CNC equipment. In order to provide better service for your products, please read our operation manual and other random data before use.

        My company spirit of "service first, quality first" business philosophy, and dedication to provide customers with high quality after-sales service.

        As follows:

        First, our company strictly follow the national standards, industry standards and contract requirements, the product tracking, monitoring and inspection, to ensure product quality.

        Two, for the warranty period of the product quality problems of its own equipment or spare parts for free repair and replacement.

        Three, our products strictly in line with industry standards for customer service. Within one year from the date of acceptance of the equipment, free onsite maintenance service is provided. After the expiration of the warranty, or because of unexpected external factors or improper use of customers caused by products or parts damage, our company still provide quality after-sales service, customers only pay the cost.

        Four, all our equipment and facilities have been set up files, and appointed engineers to the customer workshop, to assist customers in the installation and commissioning of equipment, and technical training for operators.

        Five, our company perennial equipped with good quality, complete range of equipment accessories, to provide you from sales to commissioning, from maintenance to maintenance of one-stop service. Your maximum benefit is the highest standard of our service.
        We firmly believe that we can be the best quality professional services, careful care, accompanied by your vigorous development.

        Service hotline: 18653128038, Minister Sun
        0531-85986865 after-sales service department