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        ABOUT US
        Адрес: Ji'nan Цзинань Huaiyin Районный индустриальный парк № 18
        телефон: 0086-531-85980728
        факс: 0086-531-85986889
        URL: www.jngx.com.cn
        Электронная почта для внутренних продаж: zgjngx@163.com
        Горячая линия по продажам: 0086-531-85980728
        0086-13305317659 (Chen Zong)
        Горячая линия обслуживания: 0086-531-85986865
        0086-18653128038 (Minister Sun)
        0086-18653129073 (Chen Gong)
        Горячая линия международного отдела: 0086-531-85980870
        Почтовый ящик внешней торговли: evershiningcnc@jngx.com.cn

        Dear friends:
        Cooperation, support and love with industry colleagues and friends from all walks of life, light to the rapid development of CNC from small to large, from weak to strong growth, has ranked in the forefront of the industry control tower. Thanks to the support of new and old customers in recent years, the help from friends from all walks of life, and the silent dedication of our employees.
        We will always be sincere to customers, loyal to our friends, honest to our colleagues and dedicated to society. As always, the best quality products and after-sales service to customers.
        Sincerely welcome colleagues and friends at home and abroad for your inquiries! We will be the spirit of dedication, reasonable price, excellent brand, perfect service, welcome your patronage and cooperation.
        Wish "light first numerical control" can make a contribution to your enterprise's take-off.
        Thank you for your continued attention!